Recovery Times for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

If you have hesitated to get invasive (surgical) cosmetic or plastic surgery, whether fat injections to augment a certain are, chest or buttocks implants, or fat removal, because you fear that the recovery might be complicated, here is information that might help you do your homework.. These are the basics of recovery from surgical cosmetic surgery:

– You’ll be put on antibiotics to prevent infection after plastic surgery to prevent infection. Infection in the surgery site is the main cause of extended recovery times. Stick with the antibiotic routine.

– The area you had augmented will feel tender and sore for about a week. The location of your plastic surgery will guide how much you mind this and how soon you have to go to work. If you had a butt implant and your job involves sitting all day… well you get the point!

– Swelling may or may not occur especially after implant or augmentation surgery since there is something in your body that your body will initially find to be foreign. Many times the swelling that does occur is minimal and almost unnoticeable.

– It’s possible that you’ll experience bruising, particularly after fat injection procedures. Cold compresses and some vitamins have been known to reduce the chances of bruising or the duration of bruising should it occur.

– Sleeping may be uncomfortable at first after a cosmetic surgery procedure. You may want to take a mild sleep aid after the surgery for a few nights.

– Suture Removal takes place in about 7-14 days after most implant cosmetic surgeries. This is generally a quick and easy process. If they incision point was in your mouth, these sutures will eventually dissolve.

– It may be 2-4 weeks before you can engage in heavy or strenuous exercise after plastic surgery.

– As far as the look of the area, the cosmetic surgery will likely achieve its goal, but again, added swelling may magnify its effect, and bruising of exposed areas might be unsightly.

These are the major components of recovery from major elective surgical cosmetic plastic surgery. Of course, ask your own surgeon for details about your own recovery needs, but this guideline might help break down your fears of pursuing this relatively simple cosmetic surgery in the first place.

Knowing what the recovery time will be, and generally how long recovery from cosmetic surgery will take can help you effectively plan, and truly be focused on the excitement of the possible new external you!